A poem (and/or song).

Your friends and familyThey hate me, obviouslyTell you how bad I amFor youAnd now you’re starting toListen and believeThe shit they feed youYea, I know I’m difficultBut I’m not heartlessI still feel painAnd now you’re questioningWhat to doAbout meThere’s a voice in your headYelling to runI can hear it…So run, baby, run!As fast as and as far asYou possibly can get from meJust go on!Just go!No point sticking aroundI guessThought you might be differentBut there’s no such thing.I can’t stand your friendsAnd they can’t stand meSo what’s the point in sticking around?I’m not going to add fuel to this fireLonger I stayWorse they getTo hell with these tearsI’m not even going to bother cryingBlink them backAnd move onNothing else to doTell your friendsTo kiss my assFor shoving me away from youEveryone kept buildingWalls between usAnd we didn’t have a say.I tried,I really did,To let you inI made you a windowSo you could take a peakAt who was insideI did everything I couldTo let you inI showed my tearsShared my fearsAnd still you thinkI don’t careThen I guess it’s good bye…How could I date someoneWho doesn’t even believe in me?Want to knowWhy it takes so longFor me to say “yes”?I didn’t want to hurt youAnd I didn’t want to lieIt felt realBut I wanted to make sureHoping you’d trust me and wait…Instead you questioned meAnd slapped me in the faceGuess I’ll just give upGuess I’ll just walk awayBecause you truly believedThat I didn’t give a shit…

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