A short poem on gossip.

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Lips moving,

Tongues wagging,

Stories forming,

Gossip, gossip, gossip…

Rumors playing,

Comments in the making,

Really…what are you saying?

Gossip, gossip, gossip…

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  • Alexander Jay Sheridan on May 31, 2009

    I hate the destructiveness of gossip. People need to keep their mouths shut if they don’t have anything nice to say about others.

  • StumbleUponWriter on May 31, 2009

    I agree totally.. those gossip mouths can be really destructive..

  • Mr Ghaz on May 31, 2009

    Great post!..that was lovely and very attractive poem..I LOV it…hate gossip too…thanx for sharing..keep it up.

  • Darla Beck on May 31, 2009

    Nice poem. I don’t like gossip either.

  • StumbleUponWriter on May 31, 2009

    Welcome Mr Ghaz, and thanks for reading. Glad you enjoyed it..
    I hate gossips too, Darla..*winks*…

  • kate smedley on Jun 1, 2009

    Well put, careless words can be very destructive. I like this.

  • Trinket on Jun 1, 2009

    Good job describing the terrible events of gossip.

  • stumbleuponwriter on Jun 2, 2009

    I try to be as destructive as ever, LOL..Just kidding. Thanks ladies..

  • Doug Oldfield on Jun 4, 2009

    Nice poem. Paints a great picture of gossiping.

  • stumbleuponwriter on Jun 4, 2009

    Thanks, my friend…

  • clay hurtubise on Jun 21, 2009

    Good job! In Junior High we had an assignment to verbally pass a short story around the room. As you guessed, the last students’ story wasn’t even in the same ballpark as the beginning story.

  • StumbleUponWriter on Jun 21, 2009

    Thanks bro..
    LOL .. I get what you mean there. School and gossips are really hand in hand last time. Boy, was it a long time back.. ha..:p

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