This is a short poem I wrote about my worthless grandparents and how much I despise them and well just read it.
I’m so pissed off right now I can’t even write anymore………………..
sorry no picture in this one by the way…………………

They’re trying to steal my daughter from me,

Just like they stole me from my mom,

They take lives and play innocent,

These Grandparents pretend to be the sweetest people in the world,

Yet in the end they screw me over just like everyone else,

I wish someone would kill them,

Slice their throat and rip their eye lids off,

These rude obnocious people are the scum of the earth,

But i’m treated like they should be,

I get yelled at, hit, sent to jail, mental institutins, and rehab,

Al  because they think my life style is wrong,

Well they can go to hell because I will do what I want untill I die,

And if they try to stop me then I should just die…………………..

Ryan S Johnson

Liked it
  • iris on Jul 29, 2009

    …hope wat u say was right.overwise it’ll be u who has that evil heart.

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