Something I wrote for my pops when I released my second paper on the school publication.

                Not too long ago, you proclaimed a prophecy about me. That someday I will follow your footsteps in writing and your success in journalism.

                I did not believe you, knowing for a fact that I am not good in what I do at all. But you saw my frustration, my talent, and my eagerness to succeed that I did not know I have. I just laughed at your statement, thinking you were only bluffing, but when I looked deep in your eyes I knew something was bound to really happen.

                Then it came; the prestigious award that you promised me, I was able to receive. I would have been happy if you were only still with me.


                I got depressed, thinking I do not deserve the award at all; thinking that I am not better than anyone else that I will not excel in anything, and most of all, I strongly believed that I am a failure. I felt so much negativity that all four walls of this cold, box-like room crashed down on me. I felt so alone, hopeless, pressured and uninspired.

                Then I saw our last picture together, and I remembered that foolish prophecy you told me. It rang in my ear for days until I was able to completely realize that it was you whom I was looking for all this time. You kind of dropped from my bolsillo along the way that I thought I have lost you for good. But when I looked back, I saw you there hanging by a thread of memories. When I found you again, I pulled you up with both hands and held you closer and more tenderly next to my heart.

                It was then I have found the fulfillment to your prophecy.

                All of these, I would not be able to do if it were not for you. So as I release my second paper for my term, I would like to solely dedicate this to you, for now and forever.

                Grazie e mi manchi papa. 

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