Love of a sincere and pure.

These days I try to reflect
what does a life
I try to find true love
but I’ve met only a dream ..
dream of the endless empty
This heart’s desire it wrong
to have a true love ..
everything is an illusion ..
an illusion that has no meaning
when the illusion was as if an end
I realized it was time
only God is the key to life
that comes with the sanctity of love
end all inner emptiness
no more of hatred … no more fake live
life is so beautiful
By the greatness of the love of god

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  • qncai on May 20, 2012

    like, good share

  • momofplenty on May 20, 2012


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  • fslshuvo001 on Jun 7, 2012

    Nice share. i would like to read another one. Thanks

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