How the interact.

As a boy it was somthing of  rarity and novelty
When on occasion I was fortunate to see a green monkey
But as time progressed their numbers rapidly multiplied
Sometimes they are seen closer to the house, like a fly.

They quest for food, has made them to be seen quite easily
Swinging with zeal from the branches of a fruit tree
Those succulent ones like melons, cucumbers and even corn
Were the ones they preferred on their visits in the early morn.

It is amazing to see how the litte one clinged to its mother
That sort of kept it safe and secure in every measure
So if she had make an escape or jump across a branch
The infant will remain attached and firmly entrenched.

There was a time when I saw a little on was free
So I thought that since it was quite young, I could capture it easily
But when I got closer, inching on my hands and knees
In less than a second it had disappeared into the trees.

A study of how their operate in their little community
Show too that they exist in a form of a hierchy
So when feeding, there is a system that is  in place
Therefore those at the top, will get the first taste.

Sometimes  a bolder one may break rank and ate out of the formation
Those in the ascendency, will bite it back into realization
So if one lower felt those  great pangs of hunger
Will have to wait tbeir turn and follow the pecking order.

A female from the hierchy went playing with another placed lower
Like children, did not see anything like rank and strata
Believe me the father give her some slap across the face
So she had to quickly return to her rightful place.

That aspect most certainly, reminded me of human behaviour
It sort of demonstrate the in some areas we are closer
Because despite the hair, not being able to talk and and few other traits
Apart from meat, they like us tend to enjoy a similar diet.


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