Winter can shrink a traveler’s world…

Ground Blizzard
(promises of calm)

Snowsnakes race in ordered clusters,
writhe in syncopated rhythms of wind,
attack my headlong upstream flight
to disintegrate around rolling tires.
I ride in a capsule of comfort
above prairielands layered in white.

Semi trucks burst through ragged holes
torn in billowed blizzard wall
then Doppler out in muted highway hiss,
holes fill with cavitation-clouds.
Silent background sounds return
swift snowsnake dance re-forms in ranks.

Almost-images briefly flash
along hazy roadsides, left and right,
of farmsteads hunkered in hollows,
dark islands descended from forests
left to deflect proud northwest winds
that drive fallen snow beneath blue sky.

Ahead, outline of smeared shadow
becomes a destination for real,
water tower stands above the storm
billboards loom and fall away, unread.
Outskirt buildings seem to say hello
with promises of calm soon to come.



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  • qncai on Jul 28, 2012

    Like it, thank share

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