Issa’s 109 haiku without kigo

I do the same

Inner alchemy in the last line.

Haiku about Haiku


 Issa’s 109 haiku without kigo

I do the same

Inner alchemy in the last line


Healing power of haiku

Unfolding itself in the last line

Redeeming us


 A miracle is haiku moment

Light worker

Operation of a higher law


Haiku is God’s very being

A divine child on

A crusade


The distilled moment

A vehicle for the infinite

Religio-mystical state of mind


 I shall raise my fire to a fever pitch

Widening the reach of my haiku

Awaiting haiku moment-hammer of god


 The joy within

Cutting edge of third line

Goddess haiku


100 billion electrical cells

In the brain

Enlighten the third line


Zazen-seated meditation

Zendo-walking meditation

United in third line


 All dreams of the soul

End in a haiku moment

Author of every thing worthwhile


No haiku moment

Without satori

Raison d’ etre of haiku


Goddess has assumed the form of haiku:

Our totem spirit

Somatic therapy


Haiku is the second coming

Divine energy

Home of gods


Haiku is

Pilgrimage to world

And underworld


Nourished dreams

Becoming alive

In the emptiness of haiku

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