This is a poem about my favorite holiday, Halloween.

There is a place in the world 

That in my heart I’ll always hold 

And it doesn’t have to be Halloween 

To visit the place about which I dream 

Walking up a driveway in a shape of an eight 

Two witches stand guarding the gate 

Holding books of spells that aren’t written neat 

Casting spells that only they can read 

Behind the gate sleep two black cats 

With their teddy bears in the shape of bats 

The moon rises out of its cloudy bed 

Large as the universe, crimson red 

Slanted trees obscure the view 

Of what is hiding in the witches brew 

Clouds rest so close to the ground 

It’s hard to see what is around 

An unattainable world 

With so many secrets to hold 

Like a caramel filed pool 

That feels nice and cool 

I love this place, I don’t want to leave 

But at least I can come back here in my dreams 

This place is fragile and is held by a lace 

Where there are undiscovered footprints left in the sand

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