Once again, for my Darling Carver, Whom I will spend every waking moment next to. (:

Intertwine like we’re each others missing link,
Kisses exchanged, Like a gift upon one another,
The embrace I fit so comfortably in, & return so easily,
To me your the one and only, Their shall never be any other,

Miles apart and yet I still feel your touch,
I still hear your lingering whisper against my ear,
The words I cherish more than my own breath,
I easily see myself with you from now, for many years,

Never take the words I present as a fluke,
I promise my love, every word is as true as is clear,
I’ll hold you close and assure you my love,
Your the one, The only, You have not a thing to fear,

Oh my love, Lose that worrisome look,
Place your hand upon my chest and feel this heart beat,
Strong, Like the bond we’ve built together,
Cheer up sweetie, Wheres the smile I love to see,

The glisten in your eyes that lights my heart on fire,
The red in your cheeks when you blush is quiet adorable,
The faint smile that spreads across your face as our gazes lock,
Every bit of happiness we share is utterly uncontainable.

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