Being located four blocks from Lake Huron, we benefit from its effects on our climate. Our summers are quite moderate and winters are relatively mild, when compared with other cities nearby.

Breeze off Tawas Bay

Relief from this muggy heat

Huron lake effects

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  • momofplenty on Jul 19, 2012

    Ah, yes, we get the breeze from Lake Erieand today, we have some much needed rain.

  • avissado on Jul 19, 2012

    am reading..

  • erwinkennythomas on Jul 22, 2012


  • Lisa Marie Mottert on Jul 23, 2012

    Cool relief…Thanks Kharla:)

  • girishpuri on Jul 25, 2012


  • jennifer eiffel01 on Aug 2, 2012

    WE do not usually have mild winters where I live, but last winter was an exceptions where almost every other days was in the 40-45s
    Good post

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