I liken my lover Daisy to a daisy that blossoms in all its beauty. She is simply happy and dazzling.

Daisy. you drive

Me crazy

Oh, you’re still

Like a daisy

- – -

You’re mainly yellow

And brown

As you stand

On a green stem

Straight out

Of the ground

- – -

You’re so beautiful

That I can’t resist

Picking you up

From the mound

To peck you

On your cheek

- – -

You’ve given me cause

To love you

As you’re

For your beauty

Dazzles me

- – -

Your exterior

Is as flattering

As your interior

And I’ll die

To be with you

- – -

Liked it
  • mphsglo on Dec 7, 2011

    Very lovely image.

  • Christine Ramsay on Dec 7, 2011

    She’s a lucky lady. A very sweet piece.

  • CHIPMUNK on Dec 7, 2011

    Great words of happiness

  • indianwriting on Dec 7, 2011

    good one :)

  • jennifer eiffel01 on Dec 7, 2011

    Great poem as usual! It is so romantic, you certainly are one of the nicest guys I know.

  • Yvhes P. on Dec 7, 2011

    Very heartwarming poem. I like it!

  • Saurav Banerjee on Dec 7, 2011

    Beautifully depicted.

  • vijayanths on Dec 7, 2011

    So romantic poem.

  • megamatt09 on Dec 7, 2011

    Wonderful work.

  • Aroosa Hermosa on Dec 7, 2011

    I never knew daisy are so happy:)

  • papaleng on Dec 7, 2011

    Daisy, you drive me crazy..

    I simply love this line. Another sweet poem.

  • T. S. Lewis on Dec 7, 2011

    Love how love is personified.

  • FX777222999 on Dec 7, 2011

    Loved this poem.

  • lapasan on Dec 7, 2011

    A fitting poem to Daisy.

  • ittech on Dec 7, 2011

    Youre yellow

    And brown

    As you stand

    On a fleeceable stem

    Straight out

    Of the undercoat

  • SharifaMcFarlane on Dec 7, 2011

    Sweet poem.

  • wonder on Dec 8, 2011

    What a pleasant composition.

  • ittech on Dec 8, 2011

    flower. you drive

    Me crazy

    Oh, youre still

    Like a flower

  • Lady Aiyanna (Anisha Achankunju) on Dec 8, 2011

    Daisy pretty,
    Full of life.
    Greatest beauty,
    Love of Life.
    Creating anthems,
    Music to soul.
    Moving entreaties,
    Making you whole.
    Filled in love,
    Haunting pride.
    The beauty in flower,
    Who does hide.

    By Anisha Achankunju (C) 9th December 2011

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