A poem about the gift of salvation and how we should no only remember it on the day of Christ’s birth but accept it as well.

Long ago, one Christmas morn, in a stable a child was born

Innocent, helpless and small

How could we believe He’d someday die to save us all?

On His mother He depended for his every need

How then could we imagine it would be by His blood alone that we’d be freed?

Growing up in a time and place so different from Heaven above

Living and dying here on Earth, what a symbol of His love.

To the cross He lovingly went

Knowing it was for our sins alone that He had been sent

Dragging His cross up to that hill where men were condemned to die

Jesus, our Savior suffered the fate while we were all passed by.

“King of the Jews,” that’s what the sign had read.

Hanging just above His thorn crowned head.

Blood spilled from nail driven hands and feet

As Christ suffered a death most bitter and sweet.

The pain and agony He lovingly endured

To give us the gift of salvation, most blessedly assured.

He never counted the cost of a price that was oh so high

Giving up His last breath so we may never have to die.

Today He walks amongst us, having conquered the grave.

Loving, hoping and waiting for us to accept the gift that He gave

When on that day so long ago He died in our place

Proving the power of God’s most amazing grace.

So this Christmas morning before you race for the tree

Take a moment to thank God for Jesus, for the gift of life eternally.

But don’t stop there, unwrap that gift of salvation today

What better way is there to tell Jesus………Happy Birthday?!

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