For those who like Harry Potter.

Harry potter novels are the best matter,

About whom you can chatter,

It’s a wizard’s world,

A fantasy’s world,

Written by J.K Rowling,

She has done great rolling,

Rolling of event in her books,

And the story she cooks,

Is awesome & marvellous,

Is meant for us,

To learn devil is evil,

God is good,

The last is Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows,

Whom everyone follows,

The first was The Sorcerer’s Stone,

In eveyone’s tone,

The second was Harry Potter & The Chamber of Secrets,

And Voldemort regrets,

The third, The Prisoner Of Azkaban,

Harry is a great man,

Fourth, Harry Potter & the Goblet Of Fire,

In whom Hermione desire,

To save her friend,

With full intent,

Fifth, Harry Potter & The Order Of Phoenix,

With Dumbledore in great fix,

Sixth, Harry Potter & The Half Blood Prince,

With Snape being the prince,

Helping Voldemort ever since,

With Ron Weasely lending a helping hand,

So that Hogwart’s can stand.

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