Here’s to the most beautiful girl in the world.

The one I don’t deserve
The one I won’t desert
The one I want to spend forever
The one with a bond I wouldn’t sever
The one that outweighs everything I’ve done
I must say you are the one
The one that I love
The one I will never give up
The one that I have chose
The one I’d never want to lose

Your beauty outshines the sun
With a girl like you, I’d never want to be done
Your eyes when you’re staring at me
Are all I’d ever want to see
Your hair flows like a stream
And always has a magnificent gleam

I would love you through every season
And would always have an unfailing reason
You’re beautiful, you really must see
And you mean everything to me

By the way, this poem was not a lie
You really do bring a sparkle to my eye

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