A poem about a person.

It wasn’t all too long ago,

When you came by me and gave me a show,

About a fool who falls into love.

But I didn’t know you were,

Waiting for my fall to occur,

I guess that’s why you always were to shove.

I remember all those times you fell,

All those times you’d protect me from Hell,

And those insults making me rush.

I helped you up,

Told you to wear a cup,

Then rested on you when I was crushed.

There’s no such thing as happiness,

Says the other side of me.

There’s no such thing as clealiness,

If you’re already perfectly clean.

You’ve done no less than cure,

The substancial illnesses I had to be pure.

You are always covering me,

Like I was blind, like I couldn’t see.

Because I was.

I didn’t see.

The man in front of me.

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