Another acrostic. This one is based on Train’s "Hey, Soul Sister". Lead singer Patrick Monahan sings about a girl he just can’t get enough.

He came out of the bright blue
Eager to please and pursue
Yearning for a love so true

Said, “Hey soul sister!
Only you I’m after!
Unlucky I was before,
Lucky now I’m forever more!

So please take my hand,
I‘m under your command!
So spellbound by you,
Terrifying me like a fool!
Evermore in fate’s debt,
Relinquishing all of my regrets!”

Liked it
  • Sourav on Oct 1, 2009

    Very good write! You love to write in this form I guess!

  • ken bultman on Oct 1, 2009

    Good acrostic. You’ll listen to anything.

  • Papa Sparks on Oct 1, 2009

    It is always such a delight to read your poetic stylings here my friend.

  • Shirley Shuler on Oct 1, 2009

    Hi Lady Sunshine, this is a great acrostic, loved it!!

  • Melody SJAL on Oct 1, 2009

    Smooth and lovely.

  • Yovita Siswati on Oct 2, 2009

    Lovely acrostic!

  • giftarist on Oct 2, 2009

    Great flow of words..Great piece!

  • papaleng on Oct 3, 2009

    Wow! you sure have some hard nights spent just to finish this lovely acrostic.

  • Lostash on Oct 3, 2009


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