The truth being spoken…Not trying to shoot my shot just telling the truth!

Hey there Monique

I’m feeling a challenging compassion to say this to you
Rather or not it’s true
It’s a request extended from the powers that be
See, like a scrambled alphabet
They sent I to you which created your reply to me

Zodiac says your sign is the twelfth
And if looks were a form of currency
Then others would agree with me
When I say you’ve been blessed with wealth

Figured I’d throw that in
And I’m not shooting a shot trying to win your hand
Just saying what my eyes have already said

Type if girl that could be loved by any man
Taking no shit
With a sense of humor and a heart to understand

Hey there Monique

I’m sure plenty seek to reap the benefits of the sweet you leak
Many men probably speak to see what the response will be
Pardon me,
But these niggas don’t have a clue
Can’t keep it smooth
So nervous that they hardly know what to do

Hey there Monique

God broke your mold
And because that saying is true
Every letter that I lay
Every metaphor I play
Every word in this poem is going to be about you

I once heard my poetic style was tight
So with that said
I hope you like what I write
As you read my insight
I refuse to fight the chance to take your ego to new heights

I end the same way I speak
Knowing I got your attention when I say

Hey there Monique!

Liked it
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