Bird of prey.

High Flier

One Sunday late afternoon, strolled down the grassy lawns only to fall flat on my back;

 Staring up to the skies seemed a new experience all of a sudden;

Caught a glimpse of a soaring jet climb its way up to the sky,

And then my sights fell upon one that beat em all high above the sky.

Swirling in circles, in search of prey I knew it well, a bird of prey;

Oh! Lord Almighty, your creatures great and small are wonderful to us all,

Thy feather a feature handsomely poised right from the start in our hearts!

Black twinkling eyes, protruding wise, scanning and filming all that is ours.

Wings span so mighty, hanging and gliding, waiting to spoon on thy prey.

Just then I jingled and glanced in a twinkle to see the bird dart from afar,

Like a flash in a pan she reached for the land, scooping her meal away….

Such an attraction that became a big passion watching these birds of prey

I swore to see it again…

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