Our mission, our vision…
High school journalism…
Inform them…
Enlighten them…
Help them cope.
Look out for them.

High school journalism

carries with it

the same responsibilities

as professional journalism.


Our mission

 is that

our most professional responsibility

 is to publish

 a school paper

that truly serves

the readers.


Inform them.

Enlighten them.

Help them cope.

Look out for them.


That’s our mission.


Create a school paper

that you hope

will make

a difference

 in our lives.


Have a vision

 of where you want

 your school paper

to go,

and what you want

it to be,

and seek

that vision

every day.


Liked it
  • Joie Schmidt on Mar 25, 2012

    So beautiful!*



    -Joie Schmidt.

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