Living beyond the actual mind…Inner Darkness…


Everything around me
Seems so very strange
Overwhelmed with confusion
Yet, in a positive manner

My senses seem heightened
My focus is unfiltered
Totally free from obstructions
All before me is easily deciphered

Colors are more vibrant
Sounds are crystal clear
My quickness in perception
Sorts through them flawlessly

My sense of touch is strong
I can feel without actual contact
I draw energy from all objects
And store it as memory agents

I look, but in a different way
I see that which is not there
Even as I close my eyes
My sight does not fail me

I hear voices all around me
Yet they speak not to me
I hear other voices answer them
They all seem so angry

My head aches, but pleasantly
Mentally, I manage the pain
My path is free of obstruction
No, nothing stands in my way

A higher state of consciousness
Has taken me to another place
My mind is no longer my own
And I am living outside of myself

Vic Damico

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