Sometimes you just have to get away and drive til you lose yourself!

Today we have nothing better to do

So let’s hit the road, Babe, going nowhere,

Let’s take a dirt road, just me and you,

We can put the top down and feel the wind in our hair,

It doesn’t matter where we end up as long as your there;

There is no place that I’d rather be,

The road stretches out for miles on end,

Let’s park by the river, just you and me,

And watch the water run around the bend,

There is no better way for our day to end!

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  • Jackie118 on Aug 3, 2012

    I know exactly where you’re coming from! Working from home on a freelance basis as a typist for estate agents and surveyors I seldom take time off in case my clients decide to take my work elsewhere – and with the current recession, it’s not something I want to risk. So when I do take a couple of hours off my partner and I like nothing more than packing up some lunch, grabbing the camera and heading either for the coast, river or our historic “man-made lakes” (the Norfolk Broads) here in the UK … I then love coming home, loading up my photos of the day and publishing them on Triond!!! If only I could make a living at it!!!

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