Sometimes home just doesn’t feel like the place we wish to be. share my thoughts about home in this piece of poem.

I thought home

Was supposed to be a place

You should enjoy your stay

But something`s wrong

If you feel like running away

I had this sad, sad feeling

One day in May

While at home in body

My spirit was running away

Far, far away

My wife asked me

What`s wrong?

But I didn`t know what

To say

Then her beautiful

Brown eyes

Started turning grey

I got down on my knees

And cried

Asking the Lord in prayer

Why it is that home

Is a place

I didn`t want to stay

I felt so uncomfortable

Since the beginning of May

Each time I’m home

I just want to run away

I felt so sad, I didn`t want

To play

My mind was silent

There was nothing much

I had to say

I thought home

Was supposed to be a place

I`m supposed to enjoy

My stay

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