Not a recent poem but a family and friends favorite.

 Older than the oldest rhyme, my heart has ached for the longest time. Patiently I attempt to sew it back but stitch by stitch it comes undone. So how do I keep myself from falling? I can not stay long for now home is calling. You may not understand now but you will, when all you have is time to kill. I venture out into a world so cold and unknown. Darkness comes and takes my world and leaves me with none. My world, upside down it turned. My voice, it remained unheard. i fight a pain and a sadness so true, helpless and weak what am I to do? Make your marks upon my wrist, quite pointless you see. I hide in the dark and bleed for it is to tempting to resist. I know for sure that I, no one will miss. I can not fight the urge to bleed for this pain is much to bliss. in the dark there lies a secret, and I can no longer keep it. Within the dark there stands a tree, bareing hope within its leaves. I stop and think, perhaps I’m not worthy enough for thee, but I must walk closer, just to see. I sit beneath and ask thy lord to hear my plea. Please wash away these sins and cleanse thy soul. Save it from turning as black as coal. So I sit and pray beneath this tree, and shed a tear of joy, as it shines its grace upon me.

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