This poem is about hope’s ability to uncover so much negativity regardless of the heap of troubles over-head.

His father is dead, and his mother late

and yet this orphan smiles at the seals of his fate

Her tubes are tied and all her babies died

She adopted an unruly child, and yet she smiles

A young man went to war marching with his chin up

Now old, his face grim and cold, still tells the physician he wont give up

once a rich man’s daughter, she now shovels droppings and brings pigs water

She’s $599,892.03 from the coming days bail money to free her dad from law sentenced slaughter

Because he killed a man who stole purity from his daughter

We utter the words, “Its over”

and yet we swarm into church to touch the heart of Jehovah

I have seen a fish on land

it thrusts ever so hopefully and yet sand is not water and water is not sand

we say its hopeless to hope

but truthfully without hope some of us would look to the rope

Lynch the doubt, because honestly you will cope

we’ll give up our loved ones, and lump-sums but its human nature to never give up hope

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