Horse racing is a favorite sport with surprises.

Horse racing is an exciting sport

With colts and fillies

To watch a horses actually jockey

For position on a track

Is quite a spectacle

- – -

Three persons play pivotal roles

In the success of a horse

They’re the owner, trainer

And jockey

- – -

It becomes astounding when the day

Of the race comes

When the horse has to prove its mettle

In some of the biggest races like

The Kentucky Derby and the Preakness

Horses may finish neck and neck

And there may be a photo finish

To determine the winner

- – -

Sometimes it’s more exciting

When a horse breaks late

From out of the gate

Makes up the ground

Just edging out the favorite

As Coil did to Shackleford

In the Haskell

At Monmouth Park

- – -

Purses for the bigger races are in the millions

Fans place standard or exotic bets

On those horses that they like

Some enthusiasts go to great lengths

Image via Wikipedia

Image by Velo Steve via Flickr

Image via Wikipedia

To study the line up

Whether they’re thoroughbreds

Or in harness racing

- – - 

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  • Dreamy777 on Aug 9, 2011

    Never been to a horse race but looks cool

  • wonder on Aug 9, 2011


  • Raj the Tora on Aug 9, 2011

    nice information on the equestrian sports.

  • juliachild on Aug 9, 2011

    Good information

  • jennifer eiffel01 on Aug 9, 2011

    Great poem. YOu are very talented. I look forward to your poems!

  • monstercable on Aug 9, 2011

    I always wanted to learn more about horse racing. This was very informative.

  • Socorro Lawas on Aug 9, 2011

    Your portrayal of horse raceing is exciting. I never went to a horse race but the vicarious experience through your poem is enough for me to imagine what it is about. Great job.

  • ittech on Aug 9, 2011

    cool poem

  • Eunice Tan on Aug 9, 2011

    Interesting racing.

  • PartizAnka on Aug 10, 2011

    Very nice work, I imagined the atmosphere of the horse race.

  • addjusting on Aug 10, 2011

    I agree

  • juliachild on Aug 10, 2011

    Good share thanks….

  • PR Mace on Aug 15, 2011

    I have never been to one but I bet it would be fun.

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