Cheating husbands. Meth Addiction.

How could he choose her over me, after all we’ve said and done?

He says that he never wanted her, just needed somewhere to run.

At first he denied any knowledge of her, until I showed him proof.

He said that I could trust him, even after all he had put me through.

He said that I could test him, I think he thought that was something I wouldn’t do.

But each time that he failed the test, he would break my heart in two.

He would try and blame it on something else, and tell me I was a fool.

He was trying to hide her from me, but he was leaving such an obvious trail.

All I found was proof of his lies, and all of his betrayal.

I begged him not to choose her, and said we could move away,

I told him I would do anything, but I could not let him stray.

On the last night when he left me, he told me he had nothing left.

He chose to leave and be with her, which he said he knew would mean his death.

I still don’t know why he chose her, and probably never will,

I wonder if this started, with just a little pill.

My husband wasn’t cheating on me, with just another woman,

her name was Meth, she made him a mess, and now she has ruined him.

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