If you say you love somebody, you gotta let them know about it.

Love is natural phenomenon. People fall in love all the time, but the difficult thing about it is how to express love so that the loved one sees it. There are people who are not happy in the world just because they are not able to express their love. If you ever found yourself in this situation, (and that is true for all of us) you realize that the only thing that occupies your mind is how you can let the love in you be seen.

There are people who will express their love through positive means. They will do all or some of the things that are mentioned below.

Saying it

The first practical thing that people do when they want to let someone know about their love is to say ‘I Love You’ to the person. However, these words have been used and abused so much that people don’t just want to believe it when it is said. This makes the burden of the one in love greater. They should be able to say this in a way that the loved one will be convinced about their feelings. That will mean saying other things to assure the beloved that what they feel is real.


Words are not enough to express love. When you love someone, it means you are willing to share all you have with the person. That is where people find it more natural to give things to their loved ones. Some of the things that are given to express love are flowers, chocolate, perfumes, dresses, virtually anything that could be given. It will take a lot of creativity to give a gift that will be accepted by the other person. Most of the time it is not what is given, but the way it is given that matters.


Another important way people express love is to be in the presence of the loved one. When you are actually in love with someone, you want to continually be in the presence of the person. Sometime you might not have anything to say, but just to be seen by him or her. Presence is one thing that assures people of love. That is why we have the proverb “Out of sight out of mind”.

Now there are really very negative and destructive ways of expressing love. You look at such ways and you even doubt if there is love in them at all. But nature has made it like that, that such disastrous actions could be motivated by love.

There are people who will only do what will embarrass the one they love. In them, they don’t mean it but they cannot find a positive way of doing it. Such people are constantly denied of the response they deserve. This is because the loved one will look at them with hatred and most of the time will flee at their sight. Such people need help to be able to do what is most natural for all humans.

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  • Leonardo da Vinci E. on Nov 5, 2009

    We are most certainly emotional and psychological beings, and how we were nurtured may well bring about the outcome of how we relate to an imagined loved one; Whether we developed the needed amount of empathy to be a loving person.

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