How to prepare the ground for roses, lilacs and clematis.

 Must dig the soil, loosen no more than half a bayonet spade. And just to add humus to the upper layer at the depth of soil fungi do not live. And how to plant roses, lilacs and other shrubs, especially on clay? They have the same roots go deep.
You can put in two ways.

1. You dig a normal landing pit, which is fully fit all the roots of seedlings, while new roots with time itself will occupy the upper layers of soil in a half-bayonet spade. (On the application of fertilizers – a different story: less than them in the landing pit, the better the survival rate, so the pit itself is better not to fertilize, but the ground around it is already possible to fertilize those most promising half-bayonet).

 2. You can make a hole “in half-pot”, that is half the height of the container (if you transplant a rose in a container). Next you put into it carefully removed from the container clod of earth and the rest of the upper part of the coma refilled pure land in the form of a gently sloping mound. Then all the roots will be used beneficially and of themselves will go smoothly in the fertile layer in polshtyka around the plant. At low field I plant roses in containers is the only way.

Lilacs can be planted two of these methods. Again, it all depends on the groundwater level and the degree of “deadness” of clay. Blue gley clay most dead. On sandy soils (plot on the terraces of the river valley), where the well water could hardly be seen because it is deeply, of course, can not adhere to this rule, and put the entire depth of the roots.

- My question concerns rejected your landing pits, in particular, for clematis. After all, they are known, the root of the neck should be dug when planting. Can I plant them as something else – not in the pits?

Clematis – this is just a classic case where you can freely refuse landing pit and jump on the surface landing. Do not freezes clematis root neck, so the seedling can be planted very shallow (in a hole the size of a cup), and then the grown shoots okuchit at 10-15 cm for a dense tillering. And so let the growing mound at the base.

Planting is carried out only after a whole is the place to be prepared – deliberately! – For clematis. Clematis – this is a serious plant, it is even more valuable than the roses, because the size of a flourishing crown only one properly planted bush is equivalent to the decorative tree! Therefore, it is fit to cook thoroughly – but then the colors will be complete in the course of each summer. Weeds must be carefully selected.

Clematis is from the Far East, so it requires a neutral or even slightly alkaline soil. Go to our land to plant can not grow to be bad. It should be ground for 2-3 months to shed a few times to a depth of a solution of organic or deoxidizing agents, and widely on the surface (not less than one square meter). After this you should give the clematis 1-2 years “type root”, which means it during this time will not give very expressive shoots and flowers, but to build up in all directions, the roots and then suddenly begin to give liana up to 3 meters!

But the bottom there should be no “lawn” of weeds – only tiles or stones to soil is warmed from the south.

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