How to train yourself to eat less? six tips for losing weight – tips.

Want to restrict your diet, but can not cope with an appetite? Here are a few tricks that help you do it?

1. Breakfast. Almost all doctors and nutritionists agree that breakfast – the most important meal of the day. And he must be the most dense. University of Texas study found that people who ate plentifully in the morning, all day eat less than those who neglect breakfast. Just keep in mind – a good breakfast does not mean that you have to chew everything in sight. Serve the omelet, or oatmeal – just a hearty and nutritious option.

2. Butter and nuts. Those who follow the figure, having heard such advice certainly shook his finger to his temple. Everyone knows that in the nuts full of fat, and only in the oil even more. But not all fats are equally harmful, researchers say. Researchers at UCLA have found that in nuts, avocados and olive oil contains a special type of fat that can suppress appetite. Of course, buy avocados all year round – is problematic, but add a spoonful of olive oil or a handful of crushed nuts in your salad or meat can be easily.

3. Light and color. Physiology at the University of Illinois say how much and how fast we eat depends on the surrounding environment. For example, the brighter the wallpaper and furniture in your kitchen, the faster you nakinetes for food and the more you eat. On the other hand, plays a role, and light: studies have shown that in restaurants and cafes with subdued light, people eat more than a brightly-lit places. This is explained by the fact that, according to scientists, capturing visual images of food stimulates the body a feeling of satiety, and their lack of it – famine.

So what about dinner in front of TV is better forgotten. Try to always have a well-lit kitchen and at the same time focusing on food rather than on the evening news.

4. Not cool! Results of research professionals Medical Center in Denver showed that the food preferences of people depend on climate. Hotter than the country, the less they eat its inhabitants. The explanation is simple: with increasing ambient temperature the body regulates its heat, reducing the metabolic rate. The slower the recycled energy in our body, so, correspondingly, the longer we do not feel hunger. The cold also works vice versa. So if you freeze or sit in a cafe under the air-conditioning, better keep warm before you eat, or else run the risk of eating more than what you actually need.

5. Instead of pan – a saucer. Look in your closet: if he scored huge plates and deep bowls, time for you to change your dishes. The fact that the large plates subconsciously compel us to impose ourselves larger portions, because the amount of food is evaluated relative to the size of dishes. As a result, our brain starts to think that it was so much food – is the norm, after which the body must receive a signal of satiety. And increases appetite.

The same applies to the liquid. Most dangerous of all – low wide bowls and cups. In them the amount of liquid seems smaller than it actually is. So what better to drink from a high of dishes.

6. Out of sight. In 2002, Dr. Brian Uonsink specialist at Stanford University, conducted an experiment. He and his colleagues presented the university secretary for a big box of chocolates. And then saw how much candy they will eat for a day. It turned out that when the candy lying on the desk of the secretary in a transparent vase, the day was eaten for about 9 pieces. When the candy shifted back to the closable opaque box, daily consumption has dropped to 6. And moving the candy only 3 steps away from the table secretaries, researchers found that women were to eat no more than 4 chocolates in a day. The conclusion was this: that before man nor positive, sooner or later he will eat, even if he does not want that. But if you make access to eating less convenient, the problem of eating there and then disappears.

Write yourself little difficulty is very simple. First, keep on the tables and other public places bowls of biscuits and sweets. Secondly, do not buy ready-made products – instant noodles, pastries, etc. – and cook for themselves. If you’re building a big family dinner, or calls the guests, nagotovte various goodies, but do not expose everything on the table, and remove at least another surface, so food is not within your outstretched hand. Do not buy a lot of food for future use. Almost all products can now be bought at the store throughout the year. The smaller your home stocks, the more you will protect them.

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