Many people want to start their career by writing a song but they are confused and they have a problem to make that song sounds good!!!

    well first take some breaths to start nicely!Now think something that you like/don’t like so you can have the first theme of this song you can go a walk out if you want.

    1st:If you have your theme about the song like love, hate, world, recycle or anything else you can start by writing some words about your theme etc. LOVE SONG: I need you to love me, so i could possibly think that you want me.

    2nd:Control your song if you continue writing from the start don’t let it go etc. from the theme love to recycle. If you can’t start it then make in your mind a beat so you will start easier.

    3rd:Make a good end so it will close so good that the people want to hear it again and again(one time i listened to a shitty song which i didn’t like it but the chorus of the song and the ending made me feel like i want to hear it again).

    4th:Make a good chorus so as i said to make the people want to hear it again.

    5th:To make a good end or a good chorus you have to make the lyrics sound good or you can make the way you will sing it.

    That’s some advices you can use if i didn’t help you so much then leave a comment below so i will something more!!!

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