This poem is about equality amongst humans.

Tell me what you get

Out of calling someone fat

Anorexic, fag, whore,

And everything like that

It just shows the world

Who’s better overall

Even though you make

Their lives slowly fall

Last time I checked

We are all the same race

This thing called humanity

It’s something you should face

If you really don’t like someone

Why waste your time

Calling them a lemon

When you think you’re a lime

You are no better

Than anyone else here

So why make anyone else

Live their life in fear

Don’t judge people at all

For future, present, or past

If everyone does that

This world will never last

There’s no ‘them’

In this world we own

There’s only ‘us’

The people we’ve known

There would be so many

Less problems going on

If only we could all stop

And realize what’s gone

Suicide wouldn’t happen

War would be fiction

Freedom would be freedom

With hate not in our diction

So think before you say or do

Anything to harm anyone

Because all of that builds up

Making the world closer to done

Liked it
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