Do you ever lash out and hurt the one you love? Do you ever feel like your driving everyone away with all your emotions and problems? Please feel free to leave comments.

I lash out at the one I love the most
I make him feel all the hurt and pain I suffered
I can’t help it
I try to stop
I just seem to explode
The tears and the pleads should be enough
Enough to make it stop
But it doesn’t
I sit and cry
What have I done
Why do I do this to myself
And most importantly
Everyone else
I’m going to be left with no-one
Even the one I love the most will leave
I just want to make this hurt go away
I take it out on others
In the hope it will
It doesn’t
It only makes things worse
I’m left with the guilt and even more tears
How do I stop
How do I stop hurting him
The scars run deep
I know that myself
I don’t want my loved one to be scarred
Will he hate me
Can he stand looking me in the eyes
I can’t
When I look in my eyes
I see flashes of anger
All the volatile emotions bubble to the surface
I wanted someone to love
I got someone to love
And now I’m going to lose my one and only love.

Liked it
  • CHIPMUNK on Apr 28, 2011

    great work like the way you use expression

  • tonyleather on Apr 28, 2011

    Another super poem!

  • 3cardmonte on Apr 30, 2011

    Very well written. We all do things like that, it’s human nature think,

  • neopisiva on May 3, 2011

    Great poem.
    No,you will never loose the one you love…true loves always stay within your heart.:)

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