A "poem" I wrote today in class.

I am the pit in your stomach, the clammy cold hands

I am the evil little worm, twisting and gyrating within

I am that sinking despair, all consuming

I am the electrocution, the shaking and shuddering

I am distorted adrenaline, lurking deep inside

I am dread, speeding your inevitable demise

I am here, everyday, all the time, everywhere

I instill your darkest fears, dashing your fondest dreams and hopes

I will become you, you will betray yourself, your family and friends

I will ensure that you will never be the same, rending your own heart to shreds

I have always been here and always will be.

Here to stay forevermore.

I am Anxiety.

Liked it
  • VisionsToPonder on May 11, 2012

    So, I know I posted this on Facebook as a comment, but I thought I’d let the whole world of Triond know too. Because this poem is just so good!

    So, retyping this. 9/10, honest to goodness. This is so great. You really captured the emotion behind anxiety, stress, worry, etc, and did so very poetically. This is really the feeling that occurs, perfectly penned. Great write, boo.

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