A man compared to a vessel or container of life. The growth of the inner man or self as towards others and life.

                                    I am but a vessel.

                                    Is not the humble servant’s life given unto him?

                                    Is not the ancient slave treated as nearly dearly as

                                    His master’s children?

                                    I am but a vessel, receptive of life.

                                    My limits are my containment around.

                                    Expanding and contracting outwardly, as I reach

                                    Outside of myself.

                                    This is growth—Exponentially.

                                    Equilibrium between the liquid and air within.

                                    Collapsing these walls of confinement within, upon

                                    Themselves do they enclose, when I stay within my

                                    Inner environment, not willing to reach outwards.

                                    A vessel is receptive of that which it receives.

                                    Of that which it makes itself to contain.

                                    I am but a vessel, but with the ability to choose my fill.

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