I am not always with you.

  • when you walk on the road,
  • On a  sunny day,
  • sometimes I am small,
  • sometimes  you can’t see me,
  • Sometimes I am long,
  • But remember 
  • I’m always  with you.
  • In the morning,
  • With the sun behind you,
  • You can see me growing
  • longer and longer.
  • when the sun is above
  • your head, 
  • In the noon, 
  • I fall on you only.
  • You can see me in your
  • House, anywhere
  • where there is light
  • Behind you.
  • I am only shaded,
  • I don’t have flesh and
  • Blood.
  • I  am your shadow.
  • Every living being
  • is having me,
  • And also all
  • Non-living things .

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