A condition in life that few folks want to face.

I am looking up in my torn pants

Many walk by but little is said

With only a hard surface to lay my head

I am looking up

I am looking up

Though the pain of life

Folks look away I am a curse to success

My tears are hidden

I am looking up

I am looking up in this society of gold

It is difficult to more now that I am getting old

With no way to move forward and no room to back up

I am caught in a location where many give up

And yet I continue looking up

The music I hear is all in low notes

The joy that I fill is shorter in duration

Being alone is a condition without a cure

I am still looking up towards the hills

So help is not coming today or tomorrow

It is a friend to everyone but me

Life’s hard knock is beating on my door

It does no good to ignore it

While I continue looking higher

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