A poem/rant I wrote the other day.

I don’t get it.

Right about now, I feel like people are conspiring against me, my friends no less. Maybe I’m wrong but I can’t help what I feel.
Secrecy. Unwanted. Ignored.
I’m not trying to be needy, because honestly I don’t NEED anyone. I love the people in my life but if they don’t want me in their lives, who am I to force myself upon them?
Did I do something wrong?
If I did why not tell me? Or just get over it. I can’t count on ten hands how many times I’ve just let go of something that bothers me because I love my people and whatever bothers me is MINISCULE compared to the relationship we have
But when the ball is in the other court, its all “lets dwell on that”
Right, okay.
Again, I could be wrong- totally wrong, but either way this isn’t the first time.
I’m always that girl. The less important one, the one that gets ignored. The one that gets ditched.
I’m so done with feeling that way.
being that girl,
I’m tired,
so fucking tired….

Liked it
  • SmilesForKaylee on Mar 22, 2012

    I know exactly how you feel. I don’t quite get the way things work myself. /:

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