A friend in confusion.

I had a friend. I met her the first time with just me next to no one. A smile blurred no more when I learned she wanted my company. She did also when she learned I’m a good listener. Then everyday was her and me. People around us even gossip about me and her. I didn’t mind it then, because I knew in me that we’re just friends. I never imagined that one day she’d like me more than I thought it would be. Never had an idea ’cause the boys she’d talk about ain’t a type of guy like me. But all rumors weren’t confirmed. Still friendship ran, sometimes with the flow of the river, sometime against it. She still shared the boys she like and I was giving her some pieces of advice. But the way she talked about it was exaggerating, like she wanted me to get jealous. Seemed she was trying to run the then-rumors all over again and trying to confirmed that she actually liked me. But I’m a kind of guy who would never abuse women weaknesses. I believe that TRUTHFUL HEARTS will have TRUTHFUL LIVES.

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