Love poem.


I love cuddling with you 

on a cold winter evening.

The sensual feel of your caress

 ignites the flames of my desire.

I yearn to fulfill our wildest fantasies,

some of which are too sinful to mention.

I crave your sweet and tender kiss

on my bare and inflamed flesh.

When our bodies intimately join,

I melt into your loving embrace.

The lovemaking that we share,

is far from being average.

It brings us the most incredible

release of our lives.

Liked it
  • lh on Jul 23, 2009

    ur welcome fine loving piece of passion we all miss at and most times

  • Ravana on Jul 23, 2009

    Freshness of the lines…and I never lie.

  • Ashley Renne on Jul 23, 2009

    this poem is lovely…if you’re single it makes you crave a partner…making love is beautiful….but cuddling with someone you love is the ultimate pleasure! awesome job

  • STEVE666 on Jul 23, 2009

    Hot stuff, Darla.

  • Pastor Curtis Barnett on Jul 23, 2009

    Absolutely beautiful…
    I truly think it is about Chocolate!!!!

  • Linda Lori on Jul 23, 2009

    Very nice, sensual…

  • soujagirl592 on Jul 23, 2009

    Very sensual, I like.

  • ahmad joko setyawan on Jul 23, 2009

    A very passionate,creative and romantic poem that certainly is thought provoking as far as relationships are concerned.Excellent work!

  • Deep Blue on Jul 23, 2009

    Full of emotions.

  • rajeev bhargava on Jul 23, 2009

    i love the manner in which you express your poetry. it is so natural and flows beautifully. well done!!

  • Ruby Hawk on Jul 23, 2009

    very nice,

  • gaffneygirl on Jul 23, 2009

    I’m with Dr Curtis, I can see where chocolate can come into play!

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