It hurts now.

    • oh my sweet dearest, here is where our hearts our nearest
    • i haven’t written you in a while, that is so not my style
    • i wish your days well, and your nights warm
    • but another factor of life now is that I’m torn
    • i cant sleep anymore, and the nights seem endless
    • being without you are not my intentions
    • but like we have mentioned
  • the time is long
    • but our love is strong
    • your always on my mind, and you never leave without a goodbye
    • so please udder those sweet words one more time
    • i say i need you
    • and i really do
    • i say i want to hold you
    • that you know is true
    • but there are words i haven’t spoken before
    • and those i love you
    • but these feel false
    • like a lifeless pulse
    • i need emotions that sweep my mind
    • because its doubt this time
    • but my mind is blank
    • and you are my slate
    • just tell it how to frame
    • these emotions i cannot tame
    • you know me too
    • so i can say I miss you
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