Humorous poem about nicking my face from shaving.

I nicked my face.

Oh no! Oh no!

Blood’s all over the place.

My razor blade is to blame.

Oh the horror. Oh the shame.

Now how am I going to go to work?

This nick is bad.

I feel like a jerk.

I’ll just put this bandage over the cut.

Great, now I look like old King Tut.

I might as well go and eat.

My face will heal in a week.

Liked it
  • Molly Girl 822 on Aug 7, 2012

    Great work here!

  • qncai on Aug 7, 2012

    Thank good for share

  • drabiakhan on Aug 7, 2012

    ThankS for the share and b careful nxt time not to nick ur face.

  • Martin Kloess on Aug 7, 2012

    Good work thank you for sharing.

  • sabanawaz on Aug 8, 2012

    so sad Are you ok

  • elee on Aug 8, 2012

    nice representation of thoughts

  • herjave01 on Aug 9, 2012

    A week? Oh no! Good one!

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