I no longer have the time to prove to you what you knowConsider this my resignation letterYou have done this to me for the last time, it’s time to go
You treat me the worst because you can get away with itHere’s your wake up callAll in there would’ve never thought I’d say it but— I QUIT!
It’s always been this way, getting picked on because of my sizeEveryone has their eyes on meWhile everyone else runs a muck in this company you so prize
You cut down my money because you say I don’t want to be thereMe and everyone else employed”You do enough to get by”, as I see the same person sitting in a chair
“You have no hours because you have too many schedule conflicts”I’m sorry I won’t reject my god for $7.50Even though I have been available 90% of the times you wanted it
No one works for this company like I do, and you that very wellI’ve gotten in trouble for staying lateOthers will screw this store with a power drill, then say “Farewell”
You are going to lose a great worker, and you know you have fewYour shooting yourself in the footI quit-in all honesty, personally I couldn’t care less what you will do
You simply don’t even pay people as they deserve to get paid Which is why you have a poor staffActually you are your own issue, but keep fanning the flames
I’m realizing I was better than this company was worthy ofYou weren’t good enough for meYou were beneath me from day one,so naturally I was above
I need a job where they actually appreciate everything I do for the companyUntil then, F**k you, F**k sonic, F**k all employees, F**k anyone who eats there 
                                                                              Have a Super Sonic Day!,                                                                                              Employee 30

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