A poem about what the title is.

Theres no price on my soul, it’s already been sold, I’ll never be old. It’s given me powers untold. I’ve been told I’m amazing, loving, caring, none of them true I can promise you. I’ll sneak into your room, send you to your doom, I’ll stab you with a broken broom. I have the tounge of a snake, I know how to fake. A sincere smile could mean that in a while you’ll die without any style. Don’t cross my eyes or I might start to pry and try. I can break you, I’ll simply take you. I’m worse than death, I can cause you to go blind and deaf, bind you to the ground, make you hear cries all around. 

Liked it
  • underwearmatters on Jul 9, 2011

    Sounds like the sort of thing my ex wife would say

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