I want to hold your soft and gentle hand,

As together we walk across the beaches sand.

I want to see your lovely smile ,

And feel your warmth knowing all is worthwhile.

I want to get close enough to read your heart,

To get inside and release your fears from the dark.

I want to be the one to replace your pain,

So you can see that you have the whole world to gain.

I want so badly to be your mighty and brave hero,

To rescue you taking you to the end of the world as far as we can go.

I want to love you within and without,

To prove my worthiness and remove all doubts.

I want to be here for you through thick and thin,

To cherish you always for being the dearest of friends. 

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  • allergy1 on Feb 16, 2012

    Great share more

  • Smokey Hardwick on Feb 28, 2013

    Wonderful ! Great poem ! Thanks for sharing.

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