Humanity is the biggest religion.

I want to live,

I want life,

I want to give,

I don’t want strife,

I want to do what I like,

And no one to poke,

As it’s my life,

I don’t want to choke,

I want to play with clay,

I want to relay without delay,

I want to apply not comply,

I want right without fight,

I want twist without fist,

I want to change without range,

I want rearing without fearing,

I want pampering without hampering,

I want freedom without doldrum,

I want my own kingdom,

I want to spread sisterhood like brotherhood,

I want equality in reality and totality without brutality,

I want fraternity and humanity without paternity or maternity,

I want to breathe without suffocation,

I want death without distinction,

I want eves without being teased,

I want adams saying madams,

I want a world without words,

As action speaks louder than words,

I want a world without swords,

Away from cowards,

Who dare not speak,

And only tweak,

And compromise with the system,

They promise to stem,

Things only on paper,

Things which they tamper,

To create illusions that it exists,

People live in delusion,

And feel,

Without reel,

That it exists,

But nothing can be seen,

Only if it had been,

What exists

And where it exists.

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