This is a poem about heartbreak/break ups and the questions we ask ourselves in the aftermath.

Not a call or a text from you since last year 

I guess our love was never real 

I guess you’ve moved on and I should be too 

But I just can’t stop thinking about you 

It is not that I like you, not anymore 

I can’t bring back what I felt for you before 

I would have cried but that won’t bring you back 

I guess you are not the one I lack 

What hurts the most is that you never said 

What did I do to make you so mad 

I don’t know what I did to make you so afraid 

That you didn’t even consider keeping me as a friend 

I guess I will never get my questions answered 

And I will never know what happened 

But I will always know this 

You betrayed my happiness

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