At some point in life we must survive the storm.

Organization Keeps you moving-Vin (Photo credit: nist6ss)

The way you should not be treated

To touch your heart the way no other can do

I right the wrongs that others could not reach or see

An objective only dear to me

Organisation (Photo credit: Sean MacEntee)

 I will be kind to you

With gentle soft verses

A love I can only give

I right the wrongs of time

Together we can make it my dear

I will drive the bus of your soul

With wonders only you and I shall know

I will correct the wrong others have done

As we start our life as one

Regional 17428, Estação de Briançon, 2011.07.24 (Photo credit: nmorao)

I will shield you from the harmful stuff

And fill your heart with glee

As I continue to right your wrong with joy

A journey origin to be free

Organization clears your path (Photo credit: nist6ss)

The path we take will not be known

A place deep within our soul

This secret we hold will not be shared

It is no one business where lovers dwell

Liked it
  • Tiki33 on Aug 10, 2012

    Nicely done! I really like the photos.

  • Martin Kloess on Aug 10, 2012

    Well written, thank you. And thank you for your support.

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