This is my literature research of the poem I Wonder by Jeannie Kirby. Hope this will help.

I Wonder

By Jeannie Kirby

Author’s biography:


Poem analysis:

Subject: The persona of this poem is literally a child, in which he/she had been admiring and questioning on things that happen in nature. However, focusing on the line “That Dad won’t tell me, if he knows”, the persona could be seen figuratively as a man from Christians’ point of view. This is evident as the God in Christian is being referred to as ”Father”, and due to the understanding that humans are obliged to study our world and surroundings.

Theme: Realizing the existence of the universal mind—God; and appreciating the beauty of nature.

The poem is delivered in a rather reflective tone as the persona thinks and ponders on the natural occurrence in the world, from day to night and to the next day.

Stanza 1:

The persona is questioning on why the grass appears to be green and why the wind could not be seen. This event is most likely to be happening between morning and noon as the plenty of sunlight reach the ground at that time, enabling one to see the true green colour of grass. In addition, one must be outdoor to feel the wind; therefore this is most likely to be happening during the day.

Stanza 2:

The persona contemplate that there must be a great mind who taught the birds to build their nests, and who told the trees to take a rest. This most probably occur during evening or dusk as birds return to their nests at that time; not to mention the trees which rest from photosynthesis as the sunlight begin to weaken. In my opinion, this stanza shows that the persona is actually a man rather than a child; as an ordinary child will not yet be able to understand the process of photosynthesis, thus will not be able to perceive the trees as “resting”.

Stanza 3:

This stanza most probably happens at night, as the persona observes the moon. He/she is looking at moon when he suddenly remembered about full moon and wondered where the missing bits of the moon are about.

Stanza 4:

This stanza happens after a rainstorm as the persona questions about who lights the stars after they were blocked by storm clouds and lightning flash. This too, happens at night.

Stanza 5:

The persona sees the rainbow and clouds, and he wonders who puts them all in place. This event is most likely to happen after the rain, and most probably at day.

Stanza 6:

In this stanza, the persona ask the reader on why “Dad” did not tell him/her about all that, if he knows. The persona said “Dad” as if it is in general; he/she did not refer to “my Dad” or “someone’s Dad”.

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