True love is hard to find, but when you find it – Hold on tight with both hands!

How do I know that love is true,

Is it what‘s felt between me and you;

I know it’s true, this love I’ve felt,

It’s the reason that on one knee, I knelt;

Is it more than a growing bond of trust,

More than desire, more than lust;

I never would have asked for your hand,

If I never thought you’d understand;

Is it the way you hold me when days are long;

Or the way you cheer me with a goofy song;

My love for you is infinite,

And never will my love remit;

Is it the way you kiss my tears away,

Or the soothing words you always say;

And I feel your love in your very touch,

I never thought I’d love so much;

So what is love you may inquire,

It’s the way you set my blood on fire!

The love I feel for you is true;

You know, I’d even die for you.

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